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The heart of the GSS temperature monitoring solution is a unique fiber optical Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) system.  With a passive optical fiber acting as temperature sensor, you can monitor exact temperature profiles along the optical fiber where other methods fail to provide you the solution you need.

Distributed Temperature Sensing - DTS

​Enabling fast, reliable and cost-effective sensing through highly integrated optical measurement systems

Our DTS equipment offer unparalleled level of flexibility and accuracy of the temperature measurements.  The GSS DTS performs measurements down to 1 meter spatial resolution with less than 0.1 °C temperature resolution providing hundreds of measurement points in a single trace capture up to 2 km.  Advanced data processing and visualization offer great tools for analysis of thermal processes and/or hazarded situations alerts. The possible applications for DTS system are following but not limited to:


  • Enhanced Geothermal Response Tests – Geothermic

  • Hydrological Monitoring & Analysis

  • Seepage Monitoring - Dykes & Dams

  • Leakage Detection - Geo-techniques

  • Heat transfer and heat load in construction, buildings, bridges, etc.

  • geothermal, BTES and TEES Performance

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