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  • Fastest drilling method on earth for environmental investigations

  • World’s most advanced drilling technique

  • Holes are drilled, cored and cased by rotating and vibrating the rod, core barrel and casing at resonant sonic frequencies

  • Sonic Drilling is ideal for investigating heavy metal, organic and other types of contamination

  • Ability to:

    1. drill and core through landfill debris

    2. take water samples at any depth

    3. install continuous, multi-chamber well tubing

    4. install large diameter extraction, remediation and sparging wells

    5. drill without drilling mud

    6. drill very straight holes

    7. drill angled holes

    8. perform many other types of drilling related operations

  • Sonic Drilling allows for easy identification of perched water tables

  • Economical delineation of the contamination plume prior to remediation

  • Sonic Drilling has a greater depth capability than required in most contaminated sites

  • The Sonic Drill is a safer machine to operate.

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