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GSS DrillTech has the expertise and specialized equipment to drill and install complex large scale thermal storage technologies such as BTES and TEES systems.   This usually involves drilling hundreds or thousands of holes in a tighter configuration than geothermal installations.  Multiple loops can be involved and this requires a high degree of precision and consistency to ensure a failure proof installation. 

The GSS DrillTech team has an impeccable record for delivering a high quality, fully tested and documented installations.

Terra-thermal Energy Exchange and Storage

The Terra-thermal Energy Exchange and Storage (TEES) system is a product unique to GSS.  The TEES system takes solar thermal or rejected heat from Combined Heat and Power Generator(s) and transfers the thermal energy to a distribution loop or store it in the ground - simultaneously.  It has multiple loops per borehole, so it acts as a huge heat exchanger and high capacity storage reservoir.  The TEES system has the capability of supplying hot or cold energy and it requires a far less number of boreholes than conventional geothermal to operate.  Most systems have an operating capacity to store hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of heat.

Conventional geothermal has a finite amount of energy within the borefield and limited to the Average Ground Temperature example:

46°F (Edmonton, Alberta) to 58 °F (Charlston, WV). 

The ground temperature drops as energy is extracted and the system becomes less efficient.

Thermal Energy Exchange and Storage system absorbs rejected waste heat and can supply many more times energy per cubic foot of soil than conventional geothermal. The borefield can reach design temperatures of 140 °F requiring much less space to meet demand.

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