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GSS U-Bends & Multi-loop Assemblies

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Adding multiple loops per geothermal borehole increases the thermal efficiency per drilled foot. This also allows the installer to utilize a Geo-Sleeve during the grouting process which requires much less grout than a traditional full-grout approach. 

GSS PE-RT U-bends are designed with 2 width dimensions for each of the 25mm, 32mm and 40mm pipe sizes.

Narrow Width for single and double loop installations with a minimum 4” open-hole diameter.

Wide Width for quad loop installations with a minimum 5” open-hole diameter.

GSS PE-RT Socket Fusion U-Bends are suitable for all SDR ratings.  They can be installaed for single and multiple-loop geothermal and higher temperature (70°C max.) applications. 


Linking tabs with 1/4" holes allow for the attachment of additional loops,

GSS Geo-Sleeve Tremie-Cap. and a counter-bouyancy weight (up to 100 kg), 

GSS PE-RT fittings are not compatable with HDPE pipe.

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Multiple-Loop Geothermal Technology
Why use multiple loops?

When paired with a CHP a geothermal borefield functions as a massive thermal battery allowing the CHP to meet thermal requirements year-round. Multi-loop design allows the system to simultaneously inject and extract energy from the  borefield, increasing the versatility and functionality of such a system. 

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